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I was raised in a rough part of the Southern United States. I mean the city in general. I don't want to say I was ever poor at all as I come from a background of business owners and educators throughout my family. I did grow up with the mindset that I will change my family financial history from "Doing Well" to "Damn That's Amazing"! I figured out the so called "matrix" at an early age and vowed to not live in it and also support the upliftment of others who wanted to escape. The "Magic Glasses" are something serious and when you know , you know...  I have made moves in many industries with many successes. The best thing I learned is to not get attached to anything that can possibly weigh you down. Your mindset being the biggest. Open your mind to new possibilities so you can have unlimited opportunities.

"Learn What You Don't Know to Get What You Don't Have" ~Rob Dickens.

looking to transition your business to web3.0 or metaverse compatability?
do you want to create that one thing online now that you know is the next best thing? 

i will mentor you in a 1 on 1 consultation

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Learn Secrets that I Learned Personally from Billionaires and Millionaires like Kemmons Wilson, Wayne Foster, Fred Smith, Edwin Haynes, Denson Taylor, Tai Lopez, Dan Pena and More!!!

From aspects of building businesses in the proper structure, to fundraising for personal or business interest in a short amount of time. Rob Dickens is the go-to-guy to get it done. From starting in the network marketing field in high school making $6,000 per week with a communications company and also building successful shows and concerts to promote talent and business interests while in college, on to television production and building multiple successful online companies. Rob has made a stake in the business world as a private professional driving force behind many diverse entities including his own brands.
Building a successful stream of income for personal or business development while maintaining integrity in the universe is not always an easy task. Rob can help you in those aspects of when you are feeling down and discouraged and want to quit. Also when you wont even open up your mind or heart to even get started on your destiny and visions. It helps to have that person to tell you to get the F#$% up and get it done!
     Rob can consult you on how to create a real business online with little to no money up front and how to properly run it for maximized revenue growth. Also he can teach you how to use the net to create an online job and contract with well known companies and get paid much more than punching a clock with the same or more known company.
Leveraging your time making more money is one key to a happy prosperous and successful life and not being a slave to the way society has been setup to keep you working hard for nothing to show for it.
Not one part of this consulting session has anything to do with getting rich quick or anything like it. Rob will give you solid facts and solutions to your needs and interests in expanding your life and finances the proper way.
Let Rob Dickens spend an a half hour with you and get a solution!
If you want an online job making $1500 – $4000 per week, Book a session!!!
If you are looking to raise $1000 – $50,000 for your business or non profit organization. Also for personal financial backing. Book a session!!!
If you are struggling with getting something going or making things happen. Book a session!!!
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~Clara Q

Digital Agency Owner

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The world is consistently changing. Don't you want to roll with it?



Community for 3 Million+ Starseeds to connect and trade exotic items. Just the beginning of a huge movement in the Metaverse and other areas this brand will be seen in.



Building Businesses up for 15+ Years. We are now disrupting Web2 with Web3 projects. Get in while its not saturated!!!

AMGVision Online


billion dollar figure lifestyle

I have created a crypto token. ERC-20  token surrounding the billionaire lifestyle to help individuals grow ideas together and build ventures within the network which will bring value to the token which is actually 1-unit = 1 membership.

BDFL Online 

doctor stone

    This brand is unique and personal to me. In my home town on November 11 of 2016 (11/11) I was in a car accident that should have been fatal for me. We were doing 70 on the highway and a car came across head on with no lights on. We collided at full speed and I had NO  seatbelt on. I crashed through the windshield. Somehow I was able to get up and go check on the other two passengers. They were in bad shape. The fire department just so happened to be across the highway so they were there in minutes. When they arrived I could hear them whispering . "DO YOU SEE THAT WINDOW". "HOW IS HE UP WALKING?'. They immediately made me get on a stretcher. When i Got to the hospital I had glass in my head, with no cuts, no bruises or bones broken. It was if I had a bubble wrapped around me. I didn't but I did have Mt Tigers Eye and Amethyst with me. During the time after I started making stone protection jewelry for myself. Which turned into a business and became a storefront seller in multiple establishments. Helped heal lots of people with the energy of stones and herbs. So in my town I got the nickname. "DOCTOR STONE"

  • Energy Healer 
  • Jewelry Designer 
amg company archives

a&R Street (sold)

This is a CLOSED company that Rob started and sold about 9 years ago before Onlyfans. From models getting paid and musicians getting recognition, Rob Dickens has always been ahead of the business trends. 
amg company archives

teens win tv show (3 Seasons)

Teens Win was a television show produced by Rob Dickens and associates in the Memphis TN area that aired every Wednesday on Comcast Network and had over 250,000 weekly viewers. They focused on real teen situations and buit a tv show to let troubled youth have fun and act out their lives with solutions to their troubles on television. Made lots of local celebrities and news worthy events. 

This comprehensive package contains five forms that are detrimental to the growth of your flipping business. With these forms you can start making cash money today, while building your real estate empire with a portfolio of $1 million plus in assets.

The choice is yours how much time and effort you put in it, but with these forms you more than likely will not have to pull any cash out of your pocket and you can go get a two or $300,000 house under your belt today. I repeat today!

This package is only $28.99 this has well over a $30,000 course value we are not the experts that will teach you how to use it but we will include a course link to a free seminar with your purchase. Act now and get this package before we run out we are only supplying a limited amount over the course of the next few months so get started today we do not want to saturate the market.

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Paul flipped his first residential property in 72 hours of getting his forms. All you need is the right form of paper to trade and its not always cash!!!

Are you thinking now? 

Why don't I have the experiences I want in life right now? More than likely the world is changing faster than you are and if you want the fuel to keep up you must do something different!

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BDFL Token
If you won't invest in yourself, I'm sure no one else will want to either!

~Rob Dickens

Investor, Entrepreneur, Author

I positioned myself to get a consultation from Rob a few years ago. After that I invested in an opportunity he spoke of at the time which was " Call Brokerage" It changed my life and took me out of the "clock in world" forever!!!!!!!

~Zach B.

Traveling and Collecting Checks

want to be ahead of the web3 funding wave

There is so much funding through NFT's, DEFI, WEB3 grants, etc... If you want to get in on the action you just have to take action!